Sports Day At School :):):):):)

Last week for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had a sports day. We had our house groups,Davis, Bridges and Hart. We didn’t verse other schools. We only had the whole school split into teams, which were our house groups. it was a interesting day. Most people competed in the events, which got there house group points. I loved how me and some of my friends went in the 100m and walked it cheering for Davis. It was hilarious but great fun. I broke the grade 7 record for high jump. I came first in the 400m, and forth in the 800m. I also did long jump and shot put but i don’t no what i came in those. i did the 100m sprint another day and came first. People have there whole bodies painted in there colour. the colour’s are:

Davis: Yellow. They are the best

Bridges: Blue. There sad and blue

Hart: Red. There gross and they suck..hahah

I really enjoyed the day and hope we do that agian some day. I love sport ssooo much

Thanks!!!!! xxxxx:):):):)

Our Class Motivation Media Presetation :):)

Yesterday in the grade 6,7,8 assembly production. We had some people come from some place to show us a movie about REBOUND!!! We watched a movie that went for about 35 min at the max… It was very interesting. On the movie it was well showed, and had some amazing stories on it. It talked about how you can rebound from something and make a change. i didn’t mind the show it was very good to watch and hopefully made some people change there life’s…..

A time i didnt come to school!!

Once ofit was frezziinnnggg cold at home. It was poring down with rain and dad said it looked like i wouldn’t have to go to school. The next morning i woke up and there was snow up to my window it was really cool. It was like a mountain just outside my window. The school called and said i didn’t have to go to school because there was so much snow. When my sister woke up we got dressed in everything for snow and went and git tyres out of the shed and went to the top of our hill and was sliding down in the Tyre it was the best fun i had ever had.. I seen people do it on TV but i didn’t think it would really happen to me.. But it did and that was my day i didn’t have to go to school..

Netball Grand Final :) :p :)

Yesterday (Thursday) my netball team played in the grand final. It was very fun and everybody was happy.. The score was very close 7-10 we played ogilvie high school. We scored 7 and they scored 10. Some of the teachers came to watch and so did our principle. They cheered us on and it was very cool.. My mum and both my sisters and 1 friend came to watch as well. I wasn’t happy because we lost, but then i was because we still tried and had ago. That was our last netball game for the season. next term we are going to play again. hopefully if there will be another grand final we will win it. The other team that won got trophies and we didn’t get anything haha but arh well we still tried….Comments pwez… 🙂 😛

Term 2 :) :)

This term i think that my learning has dropped and its my fault not the teachers, because i slack on work tasks and don’t listing very well. I need to improve in all my subjects i think. i need to listen better, join in and ,maybe choose groups that will understand what the task is and do it for good marks. I recon that when I’m in class i let my friends distract me.. At the start of the year i was doing my work fine but now i have slacked down because I’m used to everybody and don’t get embarrassed anymore. I need to improve on treating my teachers and other students with respect.

Next term i am going to have a fresh start.. Which means staying out of trouble no bad yellow forms and concentrate on my work and also treat others with respect especially my teachers.

I think that where i best improved was at the start of the year.

Netball and Daedre Coming To My House!!! :):) xx

UUmm Yesterday 20th of August Thursday,  I had my netball game..It started at five o”clock. We played the best team in divsion one “Rose-bay high School..One of the girls was telling me how they’ve never lost a game before..Well anyway the game started and we planed to play the best we have because we wanted to play in the Grand finial i was goal attack, i play in that position.. Well i had to take all my jewlery out..Um it was a very good game and we one by heaps im sore they were very devastated.. At the end i ran off court and gave miss. Logan a really big hug and then i was giving all my team a big hug. Ihad tears in my eyes from excitement it was the best game we had ever played i recon..We made it to the Grand Final WWWHWHHHHHOOOOO!!!!!! Sorry hahaha eerrrggg.. Um then after that Daedre came up to my house for the night and we just played heaps of jokes with my magpie and then we sat on the computer and it was about 11 o”clock…Uummm it was a pritty cool night and then i was showing her heaps of stuff then we got in our boxes and tops and went to bed,….The next morning we woke up and got ready for school but before we lefted i took her and showed her all my motorbikes and she was saying they were big and lokked really fast hahaha and then we came to school and here i am writting now haha lol Pwweeeezzz leave a comment haha..xx 🙂

:P:P:P:P OMG It’s My Birthday!!! :):):):):):):)

OMG….Its my birthday next weekend…I’m so excited and can’t wait I’m gonna have all my cool friends come over.. And i recon will camp out and go motorbike riding and do heaps of other stuff… My best friend told me what my mum got me because i bribed it out of her.. HIGH TOPS all my god i love them ssssoooo much my heart is PUMPED.. I recon the people coming to my birthday will be Tiarna, Daedre, Bessie, Tracie, Josh and Robert HOPEFULLY….omg this is getting my hopes up even more hahahahahhahahahaha i can’t wait this will be so funny and sssoooo much fun.. I love all my friends forever PLZ COMMENT ME!!!!!!! hahahahahahah

:) Catography In Our Class :)

This week in my class we have been doing work on mapping, Plan Views, Birds Eye view, Oblique View and Ground View..We also had a test today. We had a map of Orford on our Smart Board it was a really cool satellite one..We had a piece of paper that we had to sketch Orford on it was very hard and in the end it got very frustrating..But it was interesting at the same time..At the end we had to color it as well and have a KEY, I don’t mind doing maps there very hard to use though.maps 007